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A balanced diet leads to a healthy body. Most of the deaths are due to overeating. Along with a balanced diet, exercise is essential for staying healthy. Sometimes it happens that peoples who eat too much, when they start eating less, they start to feel anxious and they cannot stop themselves from eating more, then their body becomes the same as before. If you want to stay healthy, you have to overeating and fast food. Enjoy Diet Funny Quotes and share with your friends who are overweight and can’t stop themselves from overeating.

Funny diet instagram captions
Funny diet instagram captions

My doctor told me to stop having intimate dinners for four. Unless there are three other people. Orson Welles

Funny diet jokes
Funny diet jokes

I never worry about diets. The only carrots that interest me are the number of carats in a diamond. Mae West

Diet funny sayings
Diet funny sayings

The only time to eat diet food is while you’re waiting for the steak to cook. Julia Child

Balanced diet funny quotes
Balanced diet funny quotes

I’m not overweight. I’m just nine inches too short. Shelley Winters

Burn calories funny quotes
Burn calories funny quotes

My advice if you insist on slimming: Eat as much as you like – just don’t swallow it. Harry Secombe

No diet quotes
No diet quotes

At the end of every diet, the path curves back to the trough. Mason Cooley

Funny diet quotes images
Funny diet quotes images

The second day of a diet is always easier than the first. By the second day you’re off it. Jackie Gleason

Exercise funny quotes
Exercise funny quotes

Exercise is a dirty word. Every time I hear it I wash my mouth out with chocolate. Charles M. Schulz

Funny eating quotes
Funny eating quotes

My wife is a light eater. As soon as it’s light, she starts to eat. Henny Youngman

Health funny quotes
Health funny quotes

Diets are for those who are thick and tired of it. Mary Tyler Moore

Heart humous quotes

The cardiologist’s diet: If it tastes good, spit it out. Anonymous

Fat man funny quotes
Fat man funny quotes

Vegetables are a must on a diet. I suggest carrot cake, zucchini bread, and pumpkin pie. Jim Davis

Balanced Diet Funny Jokes And Sayings

  1. Eat drink and be merry for tomorrow we may diet. Cathy Hopkins
  2. Probably nothing in the world arouses more false hopes than the first four hours of a diet. Dan Bennett
  3. Saying yes to the skinny jeans by saying no to the donuts. Betsy Canas Garmon
  4. Here’s the secret to weight loss: It’s all about crowding out, not cutting out. Kathy Freston
  5. A diet is just code for a time when you eat food you dislike and still feel hungry. Anonymous
  6. If you believe that weight loss requires self-deprivation, I’m going to teach you otherwise. Robert Atkins
  7. I tried every diet in the book. I tried some that weren’t in the book. I tried eating the book. It tasted better than most of the diets. Dolly Parton
  8. The only way to keep your health is to eat what you don’t want, drink what you don’t like, and do what you’d rather not. Mark Twain
  9. When I buy cookies I eat just four and throw the rest away. But first I spray them with Raid so I won’t dig them out of the garbage later. Be careful, though, because Raid really doesn’t taste that bad. Janette Barber
  10. No diet will remove all the fat from your body because the brain is entirely fat. Without a brain, you might look good, but all you could do is run for public office. George Bernard Shaw
  11. The two biggest sellers in any bookstore are the cookbooks and the diet books. The cookbooks tell you how to prepare the food, and the diet books tell you how not to eat any of it! Andy Rooney
  12. A balanced diet is a cookie in each hand. Barbara Johnson
  13. Pasta doesn’t make you fat. How much pasta you eat makes you fat. Giada De Laurentiis
  14. A diet is when you watch what you eat and wish you could eat what you watch. Hermione Gingold
  15. Food is an important part of a balanced diet. Fran Lebowitz
  16. I’ve been on a diet for two weeks and all I’ve lost is two weeks. Totie Fields
  17. I feel about airplanes the way I feel about diets. It seems to me that they are wonderful things for other people to go on. Jean Kerr
  18. That’s life. The older you get, the tougher it is to score. Bob Hope
  19. The biggest seller is cookbooks and the second is diet books – how not to eat what you’ve just learned how to cook. Andy Rooney
  20. An optimist is a person who starts a new diet on Thanksgiving Day. Irv Kupcinet
  21. In two decades I’ve lost a total of 789 pounds. I should be hanging from a charm bracelet. Erma Bombeck
  22. It’s okay to be fat. So you’re fat. Just be fat and shut up about it. Roseanne Barr
  23. Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels. Elizabeth Berg
  24. Thou shouldst eat to live; not live to eat. Socrates
  25. A diet is a plan, generally hopeless, for reducing your weight, which tests your will power but does little for your waistline. Herbert V. Prochnow
  26. I’ve decided that perhaps I’m bulimic and just keep forgetting to purge. Paula Poundstone
  27. When we lose twenty pounds… we may be losing the twenty best pounds we have! We may be losing the pounds that contain our genius, our humanity, our love and honesty. Woody Allen
  28. If you have formed the habit of checking on every new diet that comes along, you will find that, mercifully, they all blur together, leaving you with only one definite piece of information: french-fried potatoes are out. Jean Kerr
  29. If you wish to grow thinner, diminish your dinner. Henry Sambrooke Leigh
  30. One should eat to live, not live to eat. Moliere
  31. If you want to look young and thin, hang around old fat people. Jim Eason
  32. Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels. Kate Moss
  33. The first thing you lose on a diet is brain mass. Margaret Cho

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