50 Milk Tea Quotes Funny To Make Tea Time More Special

Tea is a great beverage for refreshment. Some people like it so much that they don’t feel fresh and can’t do anything until they drink it. People enjoy drinking tea with their partner and in gatherings of friends. Some are so fond of it that they become angry with their friends if they do not join them for tea. Various things are said about the enjoyment of tea as well as its enticing pleasure. Enjoy tea lovers ‘Milk Tea Quotes Funny’.

Funny Milk Tea Quotes To Tickle Your Bone

Funny milk tea quotes
Funny milk tea quotes
  • “People tell me to be self-dependent. I’d rather be T- pendent.”
  • “Tea is too hot to handle”.
  • “Brew me baby one more time.”
  • “Oh! Tea. Stop staring at me with your teacups.”
  • “Warm cold hearts with a magical concoction called “Tea”.

Hot drinks

  • “If only one could have a blood group called T- Positive.”
  • “Tea is capable to lead us to a contemplated life.”
  • “It’s never an odd time to have a cup of tea”
  • “Just let every cell and pore of your body absorb tea and feel a surge of freshness.”
  • “Never shy away from things that need to be done. Drink tea and make merry while you do your chores.”
Milk tea quotes for summer
Milk tea quotes for summer
  • “Know what true pain feels like? Drink tea that has become ice-cold and you will know.”
  • “If I would have it my way, I would make all a “Chai-vinist”.”
  • “Oh! Life. Can you be like tea at times? Granting me my wishes galore at times?”
  • “When you step out to find love but, sure you are gonna return disappointed? Well, find a tea kiosk and you have founded love.”

Inspirational Milk Tea Quotes for Instagram

Milk tea quotes for instagram
Milk tea quotes for instagram
  • “Hones-T is certainly the best policy.”
  • “Be someone’s special cup of tea.”
  • “You are a limited version & not everyone’s cup of tea.”
  • “Lead the way Tea and take us towards calmness and serenity.”
Quotes about milk tea lover
Quotes about milk tea lover
  • “Tea invokes senses in me I didn’t know existed.”
  • “Waking up to the smell of freshly brewed tea, is the best feeling ever.”
  • “No time is better than the time you make tea.”
  • “Happy hormones sure know how to become more active when they come in contact with tea.”
Milk tea caption for facebook
Milk tea caption for facebook
  • “Aren’t humans like teabags? We never want to face hot waters but, when we do so, the fighter in us surfaces.”
  • “Boil your egos and sweeten your life the way you want is a strong message that Tea wants to put across to one and all.”
  • “Tea always helps me in connecting to my inner self.”
  • “As you filter tea before drinking. In a similar way, life needs to be filtered from things that bind us down.”

Tea Lovers Captions To Make A Sweet Day

Milk tea with friends quotes
Milk tea with friends quotes
  • “Tea lovers are easily pleased. Just give us some tea and you’re free.”
  • “Teacup is surely the best way to a tea lover’s heart.”
  • “A boring meeting is not so tea-dious the moment tea comes into the scene.”
  • “A tea a day keeps grumpiness at bay.”
Sunday milk tea quotes
Sunday milk tea quotes
  • “Every tea has a story to tell. A story best heard and understood from a tea lover’s perspective.”
  • “Inhale the whiff and end your day with the sweet smell of post-dinner tea.”
  • “I want butter in my bun, tea in hand, and love in my heart.”
  • “When afternoon starts to merge in the evenings, that is when tea cravings are at an all-time high.”
Life changed with hot beverage
Life changed with hot beverage
  • “I drink tea like my life revolves around it.”
  • “The art of making tea cannot be learned. It is to be felt.”
  • “I like my afternoon and evening tea to be large and that is tea-rrific for me.”
  • “Let there be tea, not war.”

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