65+ Heart Touching Birthday Wishes For Younger Brother

Although the brother is younger, the sisters feel safe walking with him. The hopes of the sisters depend on it. For the elder brother too, the younger brother is like an arm by which he considers himself as a strong person in the society. Younger brothers are often very pampered and mischievous. Due to their mischief, the house is full of fun and laughter. Sisters and elder brothers wait a lot when their little brother’s birthday comes and when they celebrate him. They are looking for words to share that will further enhance their love.

Heart touching birthday wishes for younger brother the post is sharing the words that must be shared on the occasion of a birthday to your younger brother.

Happy Birthday Wished For Younger Brother

Dearest still one year old for me, I have always watched you as a small little pie and tried my ways to show you the best. Happy birthday little, love you!


Wishing you a life filled with lots of happiness and joy. May you always be successful in whatever you do. Happy birthday little brother.

Little brother, do not feel sad that I am not here with you on your special day. My thoughts and heart will always be with you. Happy Birthday!

I really thank my parents for giving me such a wonderful gift and that is you little brother. Happy Birthday!


Sometimes I wonder what if mom and dad had not brought you in this world. My life would have been so barren and empty. I love you my little brother and happy birthday.

I have many good friends, but the best of them is you, little brother. Happy Birthday!

A very happy birthday to the cutest and favourite member of our family. Wishing you a rocking birthday, little brother!


There are times when you really irritate me, but in the end it is you who brings happiness in my life. Happy birthday little brother!

Many years ago God sent me a very special gift and that gift was you. Wishing my brother a very happy birthday; have a wonderful day!

You are growing up fast, little brother. It is now time to take your life a bit seriously. But today, enjoy the day and have lots of fun. Happy Birthday!


Happy birthday to my little brother, you are not so little any more but I wish you that your kid will always be alive in you. Loads of love!

With you all the worries are gone, with you there is space of my thoughts, you are my happy place little brother. Happy birthday, love you!

Emotional Birthday Messages For Little Brother

Your are the soul of our family. You have enriched our lives with your presence. Wishing you a very happy birthday, bro.


Thanks for coming into or world and making it so very enjoyable. Happy birthday, dear brother!

You are not just my little brother, but also my best friend. I am so happy to have you in my life. Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday cutie, you mean the world to me I could eat you up. Happy birthday darling, may you get everything you desire for, hugs and kisses!


My little brother has grown a year older today. Wishing you many happy returns of the day!

Just see how time flies. Watching you as a toddler seems like yesterday and here you are a 12-year-old kid. Wishing my kid brother a very happy birthday!

May this birthday brings a lot more happiness, a lot more achievement and a lot more in your life than ever. Happy birthday to my greatest strength!


Having you my by side is like having my kind of coffee. You are that little munchkin which brightens up my mood. Happy birthday.

Since the day you have come I this world, you have been spreading joy and happiness all around. Happy birthday my dear little brother!

Growing up with is is so much fun, dear brother. Happy birthday and have lots of fun!

Funny Birthday Wishes For Younger Brother

Happy Birthday Brother!.. Don’t worry of getting older as your brain is going to be the same .. unused ;P


I will always want to cherish your smile and laughter because you are the one I would hold forever. Happy birthday younger brother, love you!

Cheers to the first time you got drunk to be a pro at partying, you are not mature but you are grown up little one. Happy birthday, Enjoy your day!

How many birthdays may you celebrate but I will be always favorite one to our parents, you know the second one is almost adopted. Happy birthday to you cutie!

Happy birthday who always annoys me with random stupid questions, to who I have authority to insult in public, just kidding! Love you bro.

Happy Birthday to the most wild and crazy human on Earth who is more a kangaroo!


You will always be a kiddo for me no matter how much you grow up, I wonder how quickly you got old yet handsome. Happy birthday younger brother!

You will always be a kid, a kid who troubles everyone a lot. Happiest birthday kiddo, may you grow up soon. Loads of hugs!

I was trying to find the perfect gift for you. But then I realised you have such a wonderful brother like me. Happy birthday, bro!

Bro, thanks for making my evenings entertaining with your tantrums. Happy birthday!

Don’t ignite the house from your hotness today bro… Happy Birthday!!

If someone asks me who is my best friend in the world, I would say it is you. Wishing you a very happy birthday, dear brother!

Along with the wonderful gifts, I am also sending you a lovely message. May you always be happy and joyous.

Dear brother, as a little kid you would sometimes become a pain in the neck. You would always annoy me by playing those naughty pranks. I long for those lovely days gone by.

Dear brother, whenever you would need guidance and support I would always be there for you.

Someone please grab the fire extinguisher because someone is looking super lit today… ;P Happy Birthday little brother!… You look good!

Happy Birthday Bro!.. Finally, you are going to be an adult.. at least by your age ;P

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